Canva vs. Adobe Photoshop – Which is better?

Both Canva and Photoshop are graphic designing tools with a million users but are different. While Canva is famous among beginners and entrepreneurs, Photoshop is the primary choice of Graphic Designers.

Here are a few points that will show the contrast between both popular platforms.

  • Versatility

Things you can make with Canva − Canva helps you design almost everything you can imagine. These are a few things listed that Canva helps you create in no time.

  • Presentations

  • Resume

  • Social media posts

  • Logo

  • Posters

  • Thumbnails

  • Videos

  • Restaurant Menus

  • Infographics

  • Brochures

  • Certificates

  • Labels and Invoices

  • Planners and Banners

  • Worksheets

  • Invitation and business cards

  • Newsletters and Flyers

  • Reports and Graphs

  • Website

  • E−Book and Magazine covers

  • Calendar

If you don't find the thing you were looking for, you can create a custom design or edit an image. But, Canva has limited features compared to Photoshop.

Things you can make with Photoshop

Photoshop helps you design all the things mentioned above, create custom designs, and much more. Photoshop has unlimited features and is more versatile than Canva.

Additional features that Photoshop has are −

  • Masking

  • Selection

  • Image Manipulation

  • Basic Layer Adjustments

  • Layering Styles

  • Blending Modes

  • Unique filters and effects

  • Batch Processing

  • Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, Canva is better.

Canva is for beginners and also made for a non−designer audience. You don't need any skill set or prior experience to use Canva. It has a friendly interface that helps create digital designs within a few minutes.

Photoshop is a software that professionals and graphic designers use. Unlike Canva, you will need to learn Photoshop before you start using it. Also, professional designers were in mind while creating the interface.

  • Pricing

Canva has two types of plans, a freemium and a premium version, while Photoshop has a single paid plan.

Canva has basic features and a good library of stock images, templates, elements, and fonts in the free plan. It is helpful and meets the basic requirements. For more features like the magic resize tool, brand kit, and additions to the existing library, the Canva Pro version comes at monthly membership of $12.95.

Photoshop has all features in a plan that comes at an investment of $9.95. This

  • Uniqueness of Design

When it comes to the distinctiveness of designs, Photoshop is better than Canva.

Although Canva has over 50,000+ templates, sometimes a few templates get overused and your design might not be unique anymore. This can spoil the brand image of your company.

But you won't face this issue in Photoshop. With the availability of excellent features, you can make a photo that you have clicked look engaging and professional.

Final Verdict

Although Photoshop is a step ahead of Canva, both are meant for different audiences.

Canva's designed aimed for the growth of budding entrepreneurs, small businesses, and people who are non-designers. It helps beginners to create professional graphics in no time.

The audience of Photoshop is primarily professional graphic designers who have good experience using the various tools that it offers.