How to design templates in Canva?

Want to explore your creativity as a graphic designer? Tired of using the same predefined templates? This is the right place for you. Canva provides you with the opportunity to custom create your template designs so that you can create exactly what you need with all the components of your choice.

What are templates in Canva?

Canva is a free graphics design platform which aids in creating a wide range of visual content such as presentation, invitations, posters, business cards and various other for use in social media and other visual platforms. Templates are the building blocks of these designs they are predefined or custom created structure which lead to the creation of these designs.

Creating templates in Canva

Here we will design a resume template from scratch.

  • From the tab with "templates", select the "Create a blank Resume" option. A blank resume opens before you.

  • You now need to add a background to the template. You can either use colour or an image and can even use some elements as the background of your template.

    • When choosing the background of your template, keep in mind where you will be using your template.

    • If you want to set a colour as your background, you can either use a default or customize your colour.

    • When adding images as background, you can upload the image you want to use from the "upload" option in the side panel. You can also use any of the images provided in Canva.

  • You can also add elements to your background from the elements option on the side panel. You can choose the element which suits the theme of your template among the various categories provided.

  • You can also "rotate your element", "change the transparency" by clicking on the checker design from the top panel and also customize the colour from the option provided on top of the template.

  • You can add a frame to your template, as it makes it easier to add images and other elements later on during use.

  • Add text to your template. On the side panel, select the "Text" tab to add text to your template. From the options of Add a heading, Add a subheading, and Add a little bit of body text, choose the option which suits you the best

  • You can change the font style, font colour, and font size based on the aesthetic of your template.

  • Perform a few last edits on your design. Once you are done with your template, you can download the same.

  • You can also get a shareable link of your design by clicking the Share option at the top of the work screen.

  • Provide the "permission to edit" to provide the recipient the access to edit your designs.

You can repeat these steps to custom create templates of any type.

Updated on: 09-Dec-2021


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