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How to decode a job advertisement?

Knowledge base
Updated on 21-Apr-2022 06:33:38
It’s great that you thought this way!!Many people just blindly go through the Job title and feel unfit for the job!!In fact, I believe that there are many chances we are missing out without completely checking the Job Profile mentioned. Yes!Firstly, go through the Job description carefully. Understand each and every bit of it. Don't hesitate to call the contact person, for any queries.Give it a try though the number of years of your experience doesn’t match perfectly. A small margin will always be accepted.Understand the Job responsibilities and imagine yourself in that. Fits you? Go ahead.Feeling that only some ... Read More

What is the role of local community media in strengthening democracy at the grassroot level?

Dev Kumar
Updated on 26-Jun-2020 11:58:15
There can be no doubt about the critical role that community media can play in strengthening democracy at the grass-root level. For most folks in urban areas, especially in Tier I, II and even III cities this issue might not generate much interest, but for those in the smaller towns and villages, this is one issue that will spark immediate interest. That's because folks living in such areas that are classified as rural, don't take a lot of things for granted like their counterparts in cities do.Keep An Insight of the Local PoliticsMost of us in cities don't even know ... Read More