What is AMBUSH Marketing? Why is it known as surprise attack?

Ambush, as the name implies, is a surprise marketing. The term Ambush marketing was coined by Jerry Welsh, a marketing strategist. Ambush marketing is a type of marketing where the marketer associates the product with an event or property and the marketer is not directly or officially related to that event. This is a type of Guerilla marketing.

To be more precise, we often happen to watch some advertisements which refer to some events or personalities indirectly without mentioning them officially. Such advertisements have a lot of impact on unknowingly.

Grab the Opportunity

This kind of advertising is done by utilizing the opportunities in a sensible way without hinting any kind of direct involvement and not mentioning any official relationship with the event. But still, the advertiser alludes to the images and themes of that event, associating his product. The audience could misinterpret them to be the official sponsors while they have nothing to do with the event. These acts would also dilute the advertising of the official sponsors if these marketers could succeed in connecting emotionally with the audience through their advertising.


Imagine, when you are about to have your favorite dish which is prepared by your mom especially for you, your aunt jumps in and take a picture of the dish artistically and uploads it on Facebook !! Won’t you be taken back by what she just did?

Haha...This is a simple example of Ambush marketing.

Though your aunt might not claim that she made it but those who see the picture in her profile would obviously think that it was made by her. Ambush marketing exactly works this way.

In order to restrict Ambush marketing, like in major international sports events where the official sponsors are getting devalued, laws are being imposed so that only the official sponsors have a marketing presence in that radius.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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