What are some of the honest slogans of big brands?

Any brand gets noticed with a catchy slogan or caption under it. The slogans are a group of words or catchy phrases that help the customers to remember the product easily. The unique brand names with funny but honest slogans or captions can easily catch the eye of a customer. This has been a popular trend nowadays that really gathers much attention.

Even the popular social media sites have honest slogans, such as YouTube says broadcast Yourself, while LinkedIn says, “Connect with people for no reason” following one of its options for connecting with people.

The recent sensational tinder app has a great slogan “any swipe can change your life” indicating the left and right swipes it provides with this online dating app.

Some slogans are astonishingly honest that it feels like they are admitting what they are doing, just like the below ones:

Ironically, some slogans reveal some facts about their brands. For example, Lays chips packet has a slogan “Flavored Air” where you can actually observe more air present, than chips in the packet.

Slogans are the best way to make the customers, remember the product. Some honest one-liners that define the product are widely applauded. However, an attractive slogan along with a unique brand name will obviously grab attention.