Why do marketers stress on particular colors to promote their products?

It has now been scientifically proven that colors leave a powerful influence on our psychology and play a crucial role in affecting our decisions. This fact has been cleverly harnessed by marketers at present because 93 per cent of buyers get affected by the visual appearance and 83 percent accepted that it was only the color of a particular product that made them buy it.

Blue is usually considered a manly color. It denotes peace, tranquillity, water, sky, reliability, etc. It offers a sense of security, control appetite and boosts productivity. Brands that want to promote trust in their products use Blue largely.

Red stimulates a sense of urgency, which helps marketplaces to clear sales. Boost appetite; therefore, largely used by food chains. Red stimulates the body physically, increases blood pressure and heart rate. It indicates excitement and passion.

Green symbolizes health, nature, tranquillity and power. It soothes the customers and used to promote healthy products.

Black denotes power, authority, stability, and strength. It often indicates intelligence. However, it can be forceful if used very forcefully.

Purple is usually linked with royalty, wisdom, and respect. Helps in solving problems and boosting creativity.