How to decode a job advertisement?

It’s great that you thought this way!!

Many people just blindly go through the Job title and feel unfit for the job!!

In fact, I believe that there are many chances we are missing out without completely checking the Job Profile mentioned. Yes!

  • Firstly, go through the Job description carefully. Understand each and every bit of it. Don't hesitate to call the contact person, for any queries.

  • Give it a try though the number of years of your experience doesn’t match perfectly. A small margin will always be accepted.

  • Understand the Job responsibilities and imagine yourself in that. Fits you? Go ahead.

  • Feeling that only some of the requirements match your profile? just count how many. If more than 60% of the requirements match, just go ahead. Perfection is always not the criteria. If basic and minimum requirements are not met, leave it.

All the best!!!

Updated on: 21-Apr-2022


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