What are Guerrilla Marketing Strategies?

The concept of Guerrilla marketing was created by Jay Conrad Levinson. Traditional marketing involves advertising methods such as advertising on television, radio, print, and mail. Online marketing or Digital marketing is the type of advertising which we see today on websites, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. Whereas, Guerrilla Marketing is an inexpensive method that focuses more on reach rather than frequency. This style of marketing is effective for small businesses to advertise their product and services. One needs to have imagination, energy and time for this kind of advertising.

Give an Impact

This kind of advertising engages the customers with the product and services so as to leave a memorable experience in their mind, which is then likely to spread through word-of-mouth publicity. Creating a buzz and making people remember the product is the secret to success. The product, its concept and the advantages of the product should be represented in a crystal clear manner creating an effect on the subconscious mind of the consumer, which makes him buy the product and remember it for long.

Several techniques and procedures are involved in this type of marketing which establishes direct contact with the customers that makes them emotionally connect with the product. This makes the customers remember the product in a different way than the way they are used to looking at it. A perfect timing, place, and occasion should be utilized without getting directly involved with the event at the same time use it completely without having any legal issues, which is actually a major challenge in Guerrilla marketing. This marketing is measured by the profit made.


Take a look at these pictures which are examples of some awesome ideas for Guerrilla marketing.

There are five major types of Guerrilla Marketing such as Ambient, Ambush, Stealth, Viral and Street marketing. The type of Guerrilla marketing is chosen depending upon the product and services you deal with.

For example, we can consider the companies that provide free coupons, distribute free samples for testing, give introductory offers, big attractive display puppets (like some mobile companies do), put unusual and attractive posters and who advertise their product relating it with our daily activities or monthly issues.

Some examples: The Lalitha Jewelers have caught the pulse of the middle-class audience. The Sensodyne paste advertisement has made even others follow the same mode of speech in advertising. Idea cellular and Horlicks have concentrated on women safety issue for promotion while Lifebuoy and Nerolac have initiated the Swachh Bharat mode for advertising their products. All these products that have adopted the Guerrilla style of marketing are doing pretty good. In short, the aim of this Guerrilla advertising is to create an impact and just publicize a product !!

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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