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Using Data Analytics for Emergency Management

Devesh Chauhan
Updated on 27-Feb-2023 13:59:54
Data analytics is the science and application of analyzing data to make conclusions about a specific problem or subject. The measurement and evaluation of data is considered an essential part of most business processes, and it’s these measurements that data analytics uses to gain insight into what’s happening within the business environment. Data analytics is about managing, analyzing, and exploring data for purposes of making decisions. It’s the process of using analytical methods to obtain answers that were never thought of before. For example, a human won’t be able to see what each digit in this number, 223, means ... Read More

What are the Top Risks in Industrial Management?

Prita Roy
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 15:39:09
Industrial management deals with the 4ms, including Material, Machine, Method, and Man. In other words, the industry deals with the most advanced automation methodically that operate by men and ensures the operation goes without interruptions by utilizing the materials in the best ways. Here, the high risk lies in the business on a large scale. In today’s post, you will learn what industrial management is and what risks are involved in industrial operations. Industrial management is a vast topic, and you need to understand the baseline of the issue and how it manages whole industrial operations. So, before going ... Read More

Human Resource Management: Challenges & Solutions?

Prita Roy
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 15:22:46
Human Resource Management (HRM) deals with the employment of an organization. The primary role of HRM is to deploy the resources to the company for the smooth running of the operation. HRM manages several departments and creates a balance of staffing for each department. The role is vital yet challenging. In today’s post, you will learn the most difficult aspects of HRM and the solutions. HRM, or Human Resource Management, deals with workforce recruitment, ensures the balance between the requirements and the staffing available, and confirms the balanced work-life in a company. The best part of HRM is that ... Read More

How does a Case Study help in Business Management Course?

Prita Roy
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 15:20:50
If you want to be a problem analytical expert during the management course study, you must learn how to go deep into a case study. The analysis study helps learners understand the problem, how to get the solution, examine the facts, and finally, how to overcome it. Therefore, this article will highlight how the case study helps in the Business Management course. A case study based on a group of people, specific activity, or organizational reports provides accurate information regarding the subject matter. Therefore, the business management course helps the study get the information thoroughly. Let's understand what a case ... Read More

What are 7 Types of Management Style: Pros & Cons?

Prita Roy
Updated on 08-Feb-2023 15:17:33
Managers are the tool of the management body of any organization. Employees have different experiences with their bosses; some are bossy, some are friends, some encourage often, and some hardly interact. As there are variations in people, bosses are also not similar. However, managers play a crucial role in an employee’s professional life. We will discuss the seven management types and their advantages and disadvantages. The work culture of organizations varies as the management body sets the rules. In this case, freshers may have gone through several learning phases regarding communicating with their boss and implementing his orders. However, ... Read More

Difference Between Theory of Action and Theory of Change

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 31-Jan-2023 11:21:31
What is the Theory of Action? It is a set of unstated beliefs about how a company may change from its current state to the one it wants to be in down the road. A theory of action is a set of interrelated hypotheses that provides a rationale for why and how certain actions are taken. In Haertel's words, it "draws a line between causes and effects" by specifying, in clear terms, the characteristics that are "most likely" to produce the intended result. Importance of Theory of Action Due to its influence on the theory of change and its subsequent ... Read More

What are the 4 A's of Marketing Management?

Akshaya Daga
Updated on 20-Jan-2023 12:10:18
Customers are no longer just a part of the business; they are the king. The business revolves around satisfying the consumers, and hence it is very important for firms to look at the 4As of marketing instead of the 4Ps of marketing. The 4 Ps of marketing help the firm and producer understand what goods they should produce to get the maximum profits. The 4 P’s of marketing are what firms are focused on− Product - producing high-quality goods that are supposed to be better than the competitors' Price - determining the price of the goods to ... Read More

What are the Different Functions of the Human Resources Department?

Akshaya Daga
Updated on 20-Jan-2023 11:22:58
The attrition rate in India has surged from 6% in 2020 to 20.3% in 2022. The attrition rate refers to the number of people who have left the organization in the current period. Attrition rate = (total number of people leaving the organization voluntarily + total number of people leaving involuntarily) / {(total number of employees at the start of the year + the total number of employees at the conclusion period of the year) / 2} The attrition rate in India is supposed to increase in 2023 as well. As a result, it is critical for employers to look ... Read More

Trends in Total Quality Management in 2023

Darshna Jivrajka
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 14:36:59
The advantages of total quality management (TQM) are being recognized by more and more firms, which has made it a popular business strategy. It is critical for businesses to stay current with the newest TQM trends given the dynamic nature of the business world. In this article, we'll talk about some of the newest trends in TQM, like data-driven decision-making, customer focus, and continuous improvement. Organizations can develop effective TQM initiatives and maintain market competitiveness by being aware of these trends. 6 Trends to Look Out for in 2023 In TQM Total Quality Management (TQM) is a comprehensive approach to ... Read More

The PDSA Technique for Quality Improvements

Darshna Jivrajka
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 14:33:56
The PDSA technique is a proven method for improving the quality of any process. It stands for Plan-Do-Study-Act, and it encourages organizations to break down their processes into smaller chunks to improve overall quality. PDSA is one of the important processes for a business to operate efficiently. In this article, we shall discuss the advantages of the PDSA technique, how to apply it to your organization, and how it can help you achieve better-quality results. What Is The PDSA Technique? The PDSA technique (Plan-Do-Study-Act) is a quality improvement method developed by two renowned American statisticians, Walter A. Shewhart and ... Read More
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