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Test Results and its parameters:

Result reporting is a mechanism with which the state of the product is presented to the customer from various angles. Format of the Report varies from time to time as mentioned below:

  • Stage of testing in the SDLC.

  • Targeted Audience.

  • Testing technique adopted - white box or black box testing.

  • Type of testing involved like Functional, Performance/Load/Stress, Disaster recovery, etc.

Result Reporting Importance:

Result Reporting is very important to know status of the product/project and to ensure a corrective action is taken.

  • Result reporting is very important when the product has failed testing.

  • Results should capture performance, platform dependence, etc., and not just the functional issues.

  • Giving an unbiased opinion about the state of the product is what a customer would expect.

  • Reporting should not only highlight the Strengths but also cover the Limitations and Recommendations, if any.

  • Reports would help the customer to take critical decisions about the product release timelines.