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Install/Uninstall Testing

What is an Install/Uninstall Testing

Installation Testing: It is performed to verify if the software has been installed with all the necessary components and the application is working as expected. This is very important as installation would be the first user interaction with the end users.

Companies launch Beta Version just to ensure smoother transition to the actual product.

Installation Types:

The following are the installation types:

  • Silent Installation

  • Attended Installation

  • Unattended Installation

  • Network Installation

  • Clean Installation

  • Automated Installation

Uninstallation Testing: Uninstallation testing is performed to verify if all the components of the application is removed during the process or NOT. All the files related to the application along with its folder structure have to be removed upon successful uninstallation. Post Uninstallation System should be able to go back to the stable state.