SAP QM - Tables

In SAP QM system, you have the following tables related to each module- Sales and Distribution, Master data, Procurement, Quality control and notification etc.

Master Data Tables in QM process

QPAM Inspection catalog selected sets
QPMK Inspection characteristic master
QPMT Master Inspection Characteristics Texts
QPMZ Master Inspection characteristics MIC
QMAT Inspection type for material parameters
QMHU shows QM link in Inspection lot and handling unit Item
QMTB Inspection method master record
QMTT Inspection Method texts
QPAC Inspection catalog codes

SAP QM, Sampling

QDEB Sampling Procedures
QDEBT Allowed combinations of procedures
QDPKT Sampling scheme texts
QDPA Sampling scheme instructions
QDPP Sampling scheme item
QDQL Quality level
QDPK Sampling scheme header

SAP QM Inspection Plan

PLKO Inspection plan Header
MAPL Material Assignment
PLMK Inspection plan characteristics
PLMW MAPL Dependent Characteristic Specifications
TQ29A Dependency tolerance key - nominal measurement
TQ72 Type of share calculation
TQ72T Texts for type of share calculation
TQ75 QM formula parameters
TQ75F Field names for QM formulas
TQ75K Short text for Table TQ75F
TQ75T Description of formula parameters

SAP QM Procurement

QINF QM information record for material and vendor
TQ02 QM system definition
TQ02A QM system assignment and QM system requirements
TQ02U Description QM system
TQ02B QM system
TQ02T QM system description
TQ04A Functions that can be blocked

SAP QM Result Recording

TQ70 Control table for result recording
TQ70C Function codes for navigation from the characteristic overview screen
TQ70E Screen-based processing tables
TQ70F Navigation during result recording
TQ70S Characteristic overview screen for
TQ73 Origin of results data
TQ73T Texts for origin of results data
TQ74 Recording configuration
TQ76 Processing status of inspection characteristics
TQ76T Texts for the processing status of insp. characteristics
TQ77 Attributes for the Inspection Characteristic
TQ77T Text Tables for Attributes
QAES Sample unit table
QAKL Results table for value classes
QAMR Characteristic results during inspection processing
QAMV Characteristic specifications for inspection processing
QASE Results table for the sample unit
QASR Sample results for inspection characteristics

SAP QM Defect Recording

TQ84 Confirmation profile
TQ84T Text table for confirmation profile
TQ86 Report category for defects recording
TQ86A Assignment report category for work center

SAP QM Usage Decision

TQ06 Calculating the Quality Score
TQ06T Language specific texts for TQ06
QAMB QM Link between Inspection Lot and Material Document
QAVE Inspection processing:
TQ07M QM Inventory postings with usage decision

SAP QM: Standard Reports

You can create and view various standard reports in SAP system related to quality management −

QA33: Inspection Lot List
QC55: Quality Certificate List in Procurements
CC04: Display product Structure
MCXC: To view month wise Material Analysis
MCXI: Material analysis
MCXB: Material inspection result analysis
MCVA: Vendor analysis material inspection lot wise
MCOA: Customer analysis material inspection lot wise
MMBE: Material stock overview
MCXV: Quality Notification analysis
MB52: To Warehouse stock and valuation
MB51: To view the material document List
QGA2: Inspection results day wise
QS28: To view the list of Master Inspection Characteristics
QS26: MIC where used lists
QS38: To view the list of Inspection methods
QS36: Inspection method where used lists.
QS49: Code Groups & Codes
QS59: Selected sets
QM11: Display Quality notification Lists
QM19: Multilevel Quality notification List
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