SAP QM - Components

Quality Planning

Quality planning includes data for quality planning and how the quality process has to be performed?

You perform Quality inspection plan. It is used to define the way you can inspect an item and the steps involved to perform an inspection. It also determines the characteristics of an item to be inspected and what equipment are required to perform an inspection.

Inspection plan definition is an important part of the QM planning process. The inspection plan contains the number of characteristics of the item to be inspected and the list of tests to be performed for performing the inspection.

Inspection planning can be done for raw material, work in progress and finished products.

Quality Assurance

Under Quality assurance, it includes the quality inspection.

A Quality inspection involves someone from the quality department inspecting an item as per the defined points in inspection plan. You perform the inspection based on one or more inspection lots, where a lot is a request to inspect a specific item.

In SAP system, you can create Inspection lot either manually by a user or automatically in the system.

Quality Control

Under Quality Control, you have quality notifications, standard reports, and Quality notification system. Quality control determine what actions need to be taken as after defects are detected.

The quality notification process includes recording problem that is either identified by a customer for a product manufactured in an organization, or in a company against the product of a supplier/vendor.

Quality notification can be raised internally to raise an issue that have arisen on the production line. A quality notification can be assigned to an existing order or you can also create a new order as per the quality notification.

Standard Reports

You can create reports in QM system to check how many times a product has been identified with a defect and improvement areas that your company has to implement. There are number of reports that can be generated in QM −

Material Defects Report

It can be used to check the number of times an item has been identified with a defect status.

Vendor Defect Report

This report is used to show the number of defected material supplied by a vendor. This can be checked by examining the inspection lots of the goods received. A quality department can highlight vendors who have supplied material which are failing in inspection.

Customer Defect Report

This report is used to show the defects that were found on inspections for outbound deliveries. This helps the organization to improve the quality of goods delivered and hence raise the customer satisfaction.

SAP QM – Functions

These functions comprise to form Quality Management process. In SAP QM system, you can perform the following functions −

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Inspection
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Certificates
  • Quality Notifications
  • Test Equipment Management
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