SAP QM - Defects Recording

In SAP QM, you can capture different types of record, which are identified at the time of inspection. SAP Quality notification can be used to analyze the defects identified and perform root cause analysis.

You can process defects related to −

  • Complaints filed by customers − This includes the defects identified in goods that are delivered to customers. You can use standard SAP Quality notification Q1 to record customer complaint and take action against problem reported by customer.

  • Complaints identified in vendor delivered goods − This includes the defect identified with quality of goods delivered from supplier/vendor. You use standard SAP QM notification type Q2 to record a complaint against vendor and take action for the incoming material.

  • Internal Defects − This includes recording internal problems which are identified at the time of in process quality inspection. You use standard SAP QM notification type Q3 to deal with problems identified in goods manufactured in a company.

Defect Recording

To do defect recording in SAP QM, follow the steps −

Step 1 − Use T-code: QA32.Select the inspection lot to record the result and have SAP system status as RREC.

Step 2 − Click the Defects button at the top.

System Status

Step 3 − In the next screen, you have to select the defect parameter and value for the parameter.

Change Defects

Step 4 − To create a Quality notification, click the notification button on top.

Defect Overview

You will get a confirmation that Quality notification has been created in the system.

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