SAP QM - Integration

SAP QM is integrated with other SAP modules to perform the quality planning, inspection and control process. You can integrate this with the following modules −

  • SAP Material Management
  • SAP Production Planning
  • SAP Sales and Distribution
  • SAP Controlling

Integration with SAP MM

You can integrate the following tasks of SAP MM with QM −

  • Manage the quality details for materials, vendors and suppliers.

  • Manage the releases for vendors and manufacturers and also monitor QM systems for suppliers.

  • Manage the release status of delivery from vendor.

  • Maintain quality agreements and RFP details when you request for a quotations and purchase orders is raised for vendors.

  • Manage quality certificates for vendors.

  • Using SAP QM process, you can initiate an inspection at the supplier site before the delivery due from the supplier.

  • Trigger inspections for goods movements.

  • SAP QM can be used to make and stop the vendor payments until you clear the inspection lot in the system.

  • Manage the inventory of goods during the inspection and accept the cleared goods in the inventory system.

  • You can also use SAP QM in material management to determine the characteristic values from quality inspections to define the batch number of produced material.

  • Using SAP QM, you can evaluate vendors as per the quality scores, material provided and quality notification.

Integration with Production Planning

You can integrate SAP QM with Production Planning −

  • To perform the inspection planning and work scheduling in SAP system.

  • As part of SAP QM process, you can handle inspection characteristics and also define characteristics for the operation.

  • You can manage quality inspections for manufacturing orders.

  • Using SAP QM, you can set up the final inspection from the goods receipt after production process is complete.

  • You can use QM process to manage partial lots of a material during production, which are different in quality.

  • You can confirm the quality information as per manufacturing orders.

  • Using SAP QM, you can monitor the production quality with the help of control charts and reports in Production planning.

Integration with Sales and Distribution

You can integrate SAP QM with Sales and Distribution to perform the following activities −

  • You can manage quality information related to customer for sales and distribution process.

  • In SAP QM system, you can initiate an inspection when a delivery is created against a purchase order

  • You can manage quality in sales & distribution by performing quality notifications and RCA’s and by processing customer complaints to improve customer satisfaction.

Integration with Controlling

You can integrate SAP QM with controlling process to manage the costs for defect control and non-confirmative costs in production process.

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