SAP QM - Benefits

Using SAP QM process, you can achieve the following benefits −

  • SAP Quality Management integration with other modules is one of the key aspect of quality management. You can implement the quality process in Material Management, Production Planning and other SAP modules.

  • You can access the data maintained in the system related to customer, vendor and supplier master.

  • Using SAP QM, a standardized process can be implemented.

  • SAP Quality Management process helps you to incorporate the improvement process- by monitoring the processes, defect identification and quality notifications.

  • You can perform automation of information flow by which inspection lot is created automatically when you release the production order or goods receipt.

  • Using SAP Quality Management process, you can perform the quality compliance of raw materials when it is first delivered by vendors/suppliers and in process manufacturing and also after the production process is completed.

  • SAP QM is also responsible to perform compliance with a customer’s quality specifications; you ship the goods to customer as per the Purchase order.

  • In SAP MM process, SAP QM allows a company's representative to visit the supplier office to check the quality of the goods they produce. You call this process as source inspection in Quality Management module.

  • The common type of quality inspection includes checking the goods for Purchase Order upon delivery. When goods are delivered, an inspection lot is automatically created. You perform the result recording and usage decision is made if the delivered quantity is acceptable or not acceptable.

  • SAP QM is directed linked to controlling for costing and to decide how many goods are accepted. You update the vendor quality record in the system and this helps to find out if same vendor should continue to supply the material or there is a need to find a new source.

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