SAP QM - Lot Inspection

In SAP system, you can perform the incoming inspection for different material like raw material inspection, in progress material inspection or final goods inspection. Goods receipt is generated as a part of purchasing or against a scheduling agreement.

For each good receipt, SAP system creates a one-inspection lot, which contains details such as vendor, date or purchase, etc.

Step 1 − To post goods receipt against PO, use T-Code: MIGO

Step 2 − In the next window, enter the following details as shown in the screenshot.

  • Select Goods receipt from the drop-down list.
  • Select Purchase order from the drop-down list.
  • Enter purchase order number.

Step 3 − Click the tick button to go to next screen.

Quality Inspection

You can see the stock type as Quality Inspection is generated automatically as the material is subjected to quality inspection. To save the document, click the save button at the top.

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