HTML 4.01 / XHTML 1.0 Tags Reference

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A complete list of standard tags from HTML 4.01 / XHTML 1.0 is given here. All the tags are ordered alphabetically.

We have used the Netscape and Internet Explorer indications to the far right of each item to indicate tags that are extensions to the HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 standards. If no indication is shown, then the tag is part of the HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 standards.

  • NS: indicates Netscape Extension

  • IE: indicates Internet Explorer Extension

There are many modifications have been done in HTML 4. For a complete detail please refer to What is new in HTML 4?

Tag Description Browser
<!--...--> Specifies a comment  
<!DOCTYPE>  Specifies the document type  
<a> Specifies an anchor  
<abbr> Specifies an abbreviation  
<acronym> Specifies an acronym  
<address> Specifies an address element  
<applet> Deprecated. Specifies an applet  
<area> Specifies an area inside an image map  
<b> Specifies bold text  
<base> Specifies a base URL for all the links in a page  
<basefont> Deprecated. Specifies a base font  
<bdo> Specifies the direction of text display  
<bgsound> Specifies the background music IE
<big> Specifies big text  
<blink> Specifies a text which blinks NS
<blockquote> Specifies a long quotation  
<body> Specifies the body element  
<br> Inserts a single line break  
<button> Specifies a push button  
<caption> Specifies a table caption  
<center> Deprecated. Specifies centered text  
<cite> Specifies a citation  
<code> Specifies computer code text  
<col> Specifies attributes for table columns   
<colgroup> Specifies groups of table columns  
<comment> Puts a comment in the document IE
<dd> Specifies a definition description  
<del> Specifies deleted text  
<dfn> Specifies a definition term  
<dir> Deprecated. Specifies a directory list  
<div> Specifies a section in a document  
<dl> Specifies a definition list  
<dt> Specifies a definition term  
<em> Specifies emphasized text   
<embed> Deprecated. Embeds an application in a document IE & NS
<fieldset> Specifies a fieldset  
<font> Deprecated. Specifies text font, size, and color  
<form> Specifies a form   
<frame> Specifies a sub window (a frame)  
<frameset> Specifies a set of frames  
<h1> to <h6> Specifies header 1 to header 6  
<head> Specifies information about the document  
<hr> Specifies a horizontal rule  
<html> Specifies an html document  
<i> Specifies italic text  
<iframe> Specifies an inline sub window (frame)  
<ilayer> Specifies an inline layer NS
<img> Specifies an image  
<input> Specifies an input field  
<ins> Specifies inserted text  
<isindex> Deprecated. Specifies a single-line input field  
<kbd> Specifies keyboard text  
<keygen> Generate key information in a form  
<label> Specifies a label for a form control  
<layer> Specifies a layer NS
<legend> Specifies a title in a fieldset  
<li> Specifies a list item  
<link> Specifies a resource reference  
<map> Specifies an image map   
<marquee> Create a scrolling-text marquee IE
<menu> Deprecated. Specifies a menu list  
<meta> Specifies meta information  
<multicol> Specifies a multicolumn text flow NS
<nobr> No breaks allowed in the enclosed text  
<noembed> Specifies content to be presented by browsers that do not support the <embed> tag NS
<noframes> Specifies a noframe section  
<noscript> Specifies a noscript section  
<object> Specifies an embedded object  
<ol> Specifies an ordered list  
<optgroup> Specifies an option group  
<option> Specifies an option in a drop-down list  
<p> Specifies a paragraph  
<param> Specifies a parameter for an object  
<plaintext> Deprecated. Render the raminder of the document as preformatted plain text  
<pre> Specifies preformatted text  
<q> Specifies a short quotation  
<s> Deprecated. Specifies strikethrough text  
<samp> Specifies sample computer code  
<script> Specifies a script  
<select> Specifies a selectable list  
<spacer> Specifies a white space NS
<small> Specifies small text  
<span> Specifies a section in a document  
<strike> Deprecated. Specifies strikethrough text  
<strong> Specifies strong text  
<style> Specifies a style definition  
<sub> Specifies subscripted text  
<sup> Specifies superscripted text  
<table> Specifies a table  
<tbody> Specifies a table body  
<td> Specifies a table cell  
<textarea> Specifies a text area  
<tfoot> Specifies a table footer  
<th> Specifies a table header  
<thead> Specifies a table header  
<title> Specifies the document title  
<tr> Specifies a table row  
<tt> Specifies teletype text  
<u> Deprecated. Specifies underlined text  
<ul> Specifies an unordered list  
<var> Specifies a variable  
<wbr> Indicate a potential word break point within a <nobr> section IE & NS
<xmp> Deprecated. Specifies preformatted text  
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