HTML Phrase elements



Phrase elements add structural information to text fragments. The usual meanings of phrase elements are following:

<abbr> Indicates an abbreviated form like pvt. inc. etc.
<acronym> Indicates an acronym (e.g., WAC, radar, etc.).
<em> Indicates emphasis.
<strong> Indicates stronger emphasis.
<cite> Contains a citation or a reference to other sources.
<dfn> Indicates that this is the defining instance of the enclosed term.
<code> Designates a fragment of computer code.
<samp> Designates sample output from programs, scripts, etc.
<kbd> Indicates text to be entered by the user.
<var> Indicates an instance of a variable or program argument.

Difference between HTML and XHTML



<abbr>pvt. or inc.</abbr><br />
<acronym>HTML</acronym><br />
<cite>Citation</cite><br />
<em>Emphasized text</em><br />
<strong>Strong text</strong><br />
<dfn>Definition term</dfn><br />
<code>Computer code text</code><br />
<samp>Sample computer code text</samp><br />
<kbd>Keyboard text</kbd><br />
<var>Variable</var><br />

This will produce following result:

pvt. or inc.
Emphasized text
Strong text
Definition term
Computer code text
Sample computer code text
Keyboard text

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Standard Attributes

classDocument wide identifier
dirSpecifies the direction of the text
idDocument wide identifier
titleSpecifies a title to associate with the element.
styleHelps to include inline casecadubf style sheet.
langSets the language code.

Event Attributes

onclickScript runs when a mouse click
ondblclickScript runs when a mouse double-click
onmousedownScript runs when mouse button is pressed
onmouseupScript runs when mouse button is released
onmouseoverScript runs when mouse pointer moves over an element
onmousemoveScript runs when mouse pointer moves
onmouseoutScript runs when mouse pointer moves out of an element
onkeypressScript runs when key is pressed and released
onkeydownScript runs when key is pressed
onkeyupScript runs when key is released

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