HTML - <basefont> Tag



The HTML <basefont> tag is used to specify a base font for the document to use. This base font is applied to complete document. This tag is depreciated now.


<!DOCTYPE html>

      <title>HTML basefont Tag</title>

      <basefont face = "cursive,serif" color = "#ff9900" size = "4"/>
      <p>The HTML basefont tag is now deprecated. You should use CSS font
         to set font properties instead.</p>


This will produce the following result −

This result may vary browser to browser.

Global Attributes

This tag supports all the global attributes described in HTML Attribute Reference

Specific Attributes

The HTML <basefont> tag also supports the following additional attributes −

Attribute Value Description
color rgb(x,x,x)
Deprecated − Specifies the color of the text.
face font names separated by comma Deprecated − Specifies the font family of the text.
size 1 to 7 Deprecated − Specifies the font size of the text.

Event Attributes

This tag supports all the event attributes described in HTML Events Reference

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox IE Opera Safari Android
Not Supported Not Supported Yes Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported