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HTML <wbr> tag



The HTML <wbr> tag is used defines a potential line break point if needed. This stands for Word BReak.

This is used with the <nobr> tag, <wbr> advises the extended browser when it may insert a line break in an otherwise nonbreakable sequence of text. Unlike the <br> tag, which always causes a line break, even within a <nobr>- tagged segment, the <wbr> tag works only when placed inside a <nobr>- tagged content segment and causes a line break only if the current line has already extended beyond the browser's display window margins.

Difference between HTML and XHTML:

In HTML the <wbr> tag has no end tag.

In XHTML the <wbr> tag must be properly closed.


This is a very long sequence of text that is
forced to be on a single line, even if doing so causes
<wbr />
the browser to extend the document window beyond the
size of the viewing pane and the poor user must scroll right
<wbr />
to read the entire line.

This will produce a single line because of <wbr> tage. You can check it through online practice

Online Practice:

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