HTML - Deprecated Tags & Attributes

In this article we have created list of deprecated tags and attributes, few of these tags and attributes will still give you the result you want but it has been deprecated by the officials, rather than using mentioned tags and attributes we can use the mentioned alternatives.

Deprecated tags & attributes are those tags that are no longer valid to use and have been replaced by more modern, standard-compliant elements or CSS techniques. Eventhough most browsers support deprecated tags, it is not recommended to use them as they are likely to be removed in future versions.

A complete list of deprecated HTML tags and attributes is given here. All the tags have been ordered alphabetically along with their equivalent tag or alternate CSS option.

HTML Deprecated Tags

Following is the list of deprecated HTML tags and alternative options if available.

Tag Description Alternate
<applet> Used to embed the Java applet. <object>
<acronym> Used for indicating an acronym. <abbr>
<basefont> Used to set the default text-color, font-size. font
<bgsound> Used to play soundtrack in the background.
<big> Used to increase the font size. font-size
<blink> Used to enclose a text to make it blink. CSS or JavaScript
<center> Used to set the alignment of the text. text-align
<dir> Used to make a list of directory files/folders.
<embed> Used for embedding external applications. <object>
<font> Used to change the color, size and style of a text. To know more about the font tag visit this page. font-family & font-size
<frameset> Used to specify the number of rows and columns in frameset wit their pixels. <iframe>
<isindex> Used for querying a document through a text field
<ilayer> Used to create a layer that occupies space in the containing text flow.
<keygen> Used to process Web forms with certificate management systems
<listing> Uintended as a way to render HTML code on a page. <pre>
<layer> Used to position and animate (through scripting) elements in a page
<menu> Used for creating a menu list.
<menuitem> Used for defining a menu item for a menu.
<multicol> Used to create multiple columns of text .
<nobr> Used to instruct the browser not to break the specified text. CSS
<noembed> Used to handle browsers which do not support the <embed> tag.
<noframes> Used to handle the browsers which do not support <frame> tag.
<plaintext> Used to render all the text in the document. <pre>
<param> Used for passing parameters to an embedded object using <object> tag.
<s> Used to indicate that the text is no longer accurate or correct. text-decoration
<strike> Used to strike a line through the text. text-decoration
<spacer> Used to specify a whitespace. <pre> & <br>
<tt> Used to specify teletype text. <pre> & <kbd>
<u> Used to create underlined text. text-decoration
<xmp> Used to render preformatted text. <pre>
<frame> Used to divide your browser window into multiple sections where each section can load a separate HTML document. To know more about the frame tag visit this page. Use modern layout techniques.
<marquee> Marquee is a scrolling piece of text displayed either horizontally across. CSS

HTML Deprecated Attributes

Following is the list of deprecated HTML attributes and alternative options if available.

Attribute Description Alternate
align Used to specify the alignment of the text-content. text-align, float & vertical-align
alink Used to specify the color of an active link. active
background Used to specify a background image of the entire web page body. background-image
bgcolor Used to set the background color of an HTML element. background-color
border Used to set the visible border width. border-width
clear Indicates how the browser should display the line after the <br /> element clear
height Used to specify the height of the element. height
hspace Used to specify the number of whitespaces on the left or right side of an object. padding
language Used to specify the language of the elements content. type
nowrap Used to indicate that the text inside the cell should not wrap. white-space
start Used to specify the start value for numbering the list items. counter-reset
text Used to define a color for the text in the document. color
type Used to specify the type of content associated with an element. list-style-type
vlink Used to specify the color of a visited link. visited
vspace Used to specify the number of whitespaces. padding
width Used to specify width of the image element. width

HTML Deprecated Webpage

Following is the list of deprecated HTML webpage and alternative options if available.

page Description Alternate
Web SQL Database Uces a set of APIs to manipulate client-side databases using SQL.