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C-LOOK vs C-SCAN Disk Scheduling Algorithm

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 13-Mar-2023 12:39:22
In computer systems, disk scheduling is required for smooth operation of the system. Disk scheduling is done by the operating system of the computer, in which it schedules I/O requests arriving on the disk. Therefore, disk scheduling is also called as I/O scheduling. In computer systems, disk scheduling or I/O scheduling is important because there could be multiple I/O requests received from the different processes at the same time, but the disk controller can serve only one request at once, and all other requests have to wait for next schedule. In operating systems, several disk scheduling algorithms used such as ... Read More

C-LOOK Disk Scheduling Algorithm

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 13-Mar-2023 12:36:28
What is C-LOOK Disc Scheduling Algorithm? In operating systems, C-LOOK or Circular-LOOK is a type of disk scheduling algorithm which is used to increase the efficiency of accessing data on a disk. C-LOOK algorithm is basically an improved version of the LOOK disc scheduling algorithm. The main purpose of designing the C-LOOK algorithm is to reduce the seek time and improve the throughput of the system. The C-LOOK algorithm is a type of circular algorithm because it treats the disc as if it were circular. That means it has the last request in each direction being adjacent to the first ... Read More

Buffering in Operating System

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 13-Mar-2023 12:25:03
What is Buffering in OS? In operating systems, buffering is a technique which is used to enhance the performance of I/O operations of the system. Basically, buffering in operating system is a method of storing data in a buffer or cache temporarily, this buffered data then can be accessed more quickly as compared to the original source of the data. In a computer system, data is stored on several devices like hard discs, magnetic tapes, optical discs and network devices. In the case, when a process requires to read or write data from one of these storage devices, it has ... Read More

Booting Process in DOS Operating System

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 13-Mar-2023 12:24:18
What is Booting? Booting is a process of starting a computer or computer like device such as a smartphone, etc. Therefore, booting of a computing device start when we press the power button of the device, it makes the computer or the device ready for use. Actually, when a computer or any computing device is switched off, its operating system remains in the secondary memory like hard disk of the system. But for execution of a software, it must be in the main memory of the system. Hence, booting may also be defined in other words as, the process of ... Read More

Booting and Dual Booting of Operating System

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 13-Mar-2023 12:23:23
When a computer or any other computing device is in the powerless state, its operating system remains stored in the secondary storage like Hard Disk or SSD. But, when the computer is started, the operating system must be present in the main memory or RAM of the system. When a computer system is started, there is a mechanism in the system which loads the operating system from the secondary storage into the main memory or RAM of the system. This is called Booting process of the system. There are two types of booting depending on the number of operating systems ... Read More

Benefits of Multithreading in Operating System

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 13-Mar-2023 12:22:53
In computers, when multiple threads of a process are executed independently by sharing the same resources, it is called multithreading. Read through this article to learn the benefits of multithreading in operating systems. What is Multithreading in OS? In computers, a program in execution is referred to as a process. When a larger process is sub-divided into smaller processes, then each sub-process is termed as a thread. Technically, a separate execution path within a computer program is called a thread. In simple words, a thread is a light-weight process that can be scheduled by the operating system and executed by ... Read More

Batch OS vs Multiprogramming OS

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 14-Mar-2023 17:05:10
Operating Systems are a type of system software that make the hardware functional and create the interface between the user and machine. Several types of operating systems available such as batch operating system, multiprocessing operating system, multiprogramming operating system, distributed operating system, etc. Batch Operating System The type of computer operating system which involves batch processing of tasks or jobs is referred to as batch operating system. This type of operating system was very popular in the 1970s. In the case of batch operating system, a single computer is used to process several tasks grouped in a single unit. In ... Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows Operating System

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 13-Mar-2023 12:20:26
Windows Operating System Windows Operating System is a type of operating system based on Graphical User Interface (GUI). It is called a graphical user interface because it create an interface (communication screen) between user and machine by using graphical elements like icons, pictures, colors, etc. The Windows operating system was developed by Microsoft Corporation, an American Multinational technology company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Windows operating system is one of the most popular computer operating systems in the world. The primary reason behind its global popularity is its very user-friendly interface. Windows operating system also provides multitasking capabilities, ... Read More

Difference between Mac and Windows

Md. Sajid
Updated on 02-Mar-2023 16:44:55
Apple created and developed the Mac operating system. Microsoft, on the other hand, created and produced the Windows operating system. The Mac operating system's intuitive interface and charming design are well known. Windows is praised for being tough and working with a variety of software functionalities. Read this article to find out more about Mac and Windows and how they are different from each other. What is Mac? The Mac operating system is a collection of graphic user interfaces. Mac OS is designed to run on Apple hardware, which includes products such as the MacBook, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. ... Read More

How To Modify MAC address in Windows 10 (Both Wired and Wireless Adapter)?

sudhir sharma
Updated on 27-Feb-2023 12:39:39
On Windows 10, take these steps to alter the MAC address of a wired adapter − Step 1: Go to the Device Manager Right-click on the Start button and select Device Management from the menu that displays to enter the Device Manager. Instead, press Windows key + X and choose Device Manager from the menu. Step 2: Locate the Network Adapter Expand the Network Adapters section in the Device Manager and locate the wired adapter that you want to modify. Right-click the adapter and select Properties from the menu that appears. Step 3: Modify the MAC Address In the Properties ... Read More
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