Windows 10 - Users Management

Like most Windows versions since XP, Windows 10 allows you to log in to different user accounts when using your computer. Like we discussed earlier, you can choose which account you want to log in to after turning on the computer.

User Accounts Screen

But you can also configure or manage your user account after you’re logged in. To do this, follow these steps −

Step 1 − Open the Start Menu.

Step 2 − Click on Settings.

Start Menu and Settings

Step 3 − From the SETTINGS window, choose Accounts option.

Account Icon

Step 4 − In the ACCOUNTS window, choose the account setting you want to configure.

Account Setting

If you want to change your sign-in options, like your password, select Sign-in options.

Options

Under Sign-in options, Windows 10 lets you change your password. It also lets you choose when the computer will ask you to sign in.