Windows 10 - Networking

Like previous Windows version, Windows 10 will let you know the status of your network connection in the Notification Area.

If the connection is wireless, you will see this icon.

Wireless Icon

If the connection is wired, you will see this icon.

Connection Wired Icon

Wired Connection (Ethernet)

If your network connection is through cable, you can access its settings by going to the SETTINGS window, and selecting Network & Internet.

Network and Internet

In the NETWORK & INTERNET window, click on Ethernet to see the settings of your connection.


Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)

If your connection is wireless, clicking on the wireless icon will show you details of your connection as well as other wireless networks available.

Clicking on Network settings will take you to the Network & Internet window, which presents more specific details about your connection, and options to configure it.

Wireless Connection

In the NETWORK & INTERNET window, you can turn your Wireless Network Connection on or off

Wireless Network Connection