Windows 10 - Media Management

Windows 10 offers multiple ways to work with your media files (music and videos). Some of the features needed to handle these files have been integrated into Windows to facilitate the way you access them. For example, if you select a music file, you will see the following ribbon on the top of your folder window.

Music Tools

You will see similar options when you select a video file.

Media Applications

Although you can have multiple media programs in your computer, Windows 10 includes several options for you to use.

For music files, Windows includes the traditional Windows Media Player. However, new Windows versions also include the Groove Music app (previously known as Xbox Music).

Media Application

For video files, Windows also uses Windows Media Player, but now also includes the Movies & TV app.

Movies and TV App

Windows 10 also includes the Windows DVD Player app for playing DVD’s in your computer.

Windows DVD Player

You can also choose which application you want to use to open your media file by following these steps −

Step 1 − Right-click any media file (music or video).

Media File

Step 2 − Select the Open with option.

Step 3 − Choose what application you want to use to open the media file.