Windows10 Tutorial

Windows 10 Tutorial

Windows 10 is the latest OS version from Microsoft. This tutorial gives you all the indepth information on this new operating system and its procedures, right from what all hardware and other system components are required to install this OS in your system, to its advanced features and other uses. Windows 10 combines the features from its two previous versions for making it further user friendly for desktops as well as laptops and mobile devices. This is an introductory tutorial that explains all the fundamentals of Windows 10.


This tutorial has been designed for all those readers who want to learn the features of Windows 10. It is especially going to be useful for all those professionals who are required to install and use this operating system to perform various duties in their respective organizations.


We assume the readers of this tutorial have a practical experience of handling a Windows based Laptop or Desktop. In addition, it is going to help if the readers have a basic knowledge of how to install and use an operating system.

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