What are the famous street foods available in Mumbai?

Mumbai is a paradise for food lovers and each and every street is filled with a variety of shops and stalls offering lip-smacking food in different price ranges. One can spend a whole week exploring the street foods of Mumbai with different ones and similar ones in different areas.

Here are some of the famous street foods that a foodie should not miss out in Mumbai.

Pav Bhaji − This spicy street food is a combination of Pav (bread-bun) shallow fried with lots of butter and spicy vegetables’ curry cooked into a thick paste. Served with lemon and onion slices on the plate, its taste is doubled sometimes with grated cheese spread over it.

Vada Pav − Crowned with the title of ‘Indian Burger’, Vada Pav is literally an everyday snack for Mumbaikars. Vada Pav is a combination of bun-like bread and patty made of chickpea flour covering with spicy mashed potatoes inside deeply fried to enhance its taste. One can relish the taste of Vada Pav with a combination of sweet and spicy chutney along with dry garlic powder.

Chat items − Various stalls in Mumbai especially near the beaches serve the best chat items which can be devoured at reasonable rates. The various items include Pani Puri, Bhel Puri (served with cheese at some places), Ragada Puri, Sev Puri, Chinese Bhel, etc served with combination sweet and spicy chutney and garnished with sev and coriander are truly mouthwatering and irresistible.

Bhajji − Bhajji is one cuisine of Mumbai that offers extensive variety even with its simplicity. Bhajji is essentially prepared by chopping a particular vegetable and frying them deep with a coating of chickpea flour batter. Some varieties of Bhajji are prepared with pulses and dal and gives it nutritional value. The popular ones which should be tried are Kanda Bhajji (made with onion), batata bhajji (made with potato slices), moong bhajji, etc.

Bombay Sandwich − This particular kind of Sandwich is special to Mumbai with layers of vegetables and green chutney filled in an organized manner between the slices of bread. With variations in the demands from customers, the sandwiches in Mumbai have become more exotic like Paneer Sandwich, Mayonnaise Sandwich, Pasta Sandwich, Noodle Sandwich where cheese and schezwan sauce have given this simple dish a heavenly taste.