What are the best tourist places in Bangalore?

Banglore which is better known Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka state. It is one of the most important tourist places in Karnataka. Popularly known as the "Garden City of India", it has many tourist places of interest.

Tipu Sultan Fort

  • This fort is located in one of the most crowded markets in the city of Bangalore.

  • This fort was actually constructed by a person known as Kempegowda in the 1537 and it was built using only mud bricks. Later it was extended and then modified by Haider Ali who used granite stones.

  • The Fort was completed by Tipu Sultan in 1791 and this fort was used as his summer retreat. This fort consists of beautiful pillars, balconies, and curved arches.

Lal Bagh botanical gardens

  • This was also constructed by Haider Ali and later it was modified by Tipu Sultan.

  • This was inspired by the Crystal Palace in London which has glass houses in the gardens. This spreads across a land of almost 240 acres of land and it consists of more than 1500 different types of plant species.

Bangalore Palace

  • This was built during the year 1884 and it was inspired basically by England’s Windsor Castle and it is located in the center of the city.

  • The whole of the palace has a very Tudor style of construction and consists of Gothic windows, turrets and wood carvings as well.

  • The palace is situated on land that covers more than 400 acres and has scenic gardens and the palace is now being used to conduct exhibitions and concerts.

Nandi hills

  • The closest location to Bangalore that gives you a hill station feel is this place. The rivers Arkavathi and Palar originate over here and it serves you with spectacular views.

  • The hills were named Nandi hills after the Nandi temple that is situated on top of the hills. It is 1478 meters above sea level and offers a very pleasant climate.

  • Some of the attractions in this place are the horse way, Arkavathi rivers, and the Tippu drop.

Cubbon Park

  • Located on sprawling land of 300 acres this park was constructed by Richard Sankey who was the chief of the engineers in the area of Mysore.

  • The park offers a nice walkway in the park with lush greenery all over. There are also statues of famous personalities that are located over here.

  • The night is the best time to visit this park as the lights are turned on during the night and it offers a beautiful view of the Park.

National gallery of modern art

  • This is a must visit for all the art and history lovers as it has works of very famous people that is displayed in this gallery.

  • Some of the artists whose work is displayed in this gallery are Amrita Shergill, Jamini Roy, Rabindranath Tagore and Raja Ravi Verma. Also, it has been made very convenient for the people to recognize the painting and artifacts as they have all been labeled according to the different time periods, art schools and artists.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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