What are the best tourist places in Puducherry?

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Pondicherry is the largest and Capital city of the Indian union territory, Puducherry. Affectionately known as Pondy, and officially known by the alternative name Puducherry in Tamil. It has many tourist attractions and beautiful scenic views.

Pondicherry beach

  • The beach is famous for its tree houses which are located on the backwaters of the flowing creek that is on one side of the beach.

  • This is a much cheaper and less commercial beach when compared to the rest of the beaches in the country.

  • The stay is affordable and the seashore in Puducherry is known for a wide range of activities like cruises, beach volleyball, picnics, and other themed events as well. This proves to be a budget-friendly and perfect holiday with family or friends.

Raj Niwas

  • This is one of the most important buildings in Puducherry as the Lieutenant governor resides in this building.

  • Once upon a time, this building served as a palace during the time when the whole territory was a French colony. Currently, as of today, the palace is located in the Government park and some parts of the building are open to the public whereas entry to the other parts isn’t permitted.

  • It is known for having parks and gardens which are complemented with sculptures from the medieval times and gives you a clear picture of the culture and tradition back in the days when it was a French colony.


  • This is basically an experimental township whose main aim is to develop the country keeping in mind that peaceful coexistence is the most important factor for anything to proceed ahead and gain some progress.

  • It is the best place to learn more about the country and its spiritual aspect. The main tourist attraction in Auroville is the Matrimandir that is made of almost 56 kilograms of gold on its dome along with golden mounts.

  • The building only uses sunlight and it is widely known as a monument that symbolizes peace, serenity, and tranquillity.

French war memorial

  • This memorial serves as a reminder in honor of the soldiers that have lost lives during World war 1.

  • It explains to us that war only leaves behind more trouble and it doesn’t give us any solutions. On the 14th of July every year, the memorial is lit up with beautiful lights and ensure that the locals and visitors can pay homage to the soldiers whose lives were taken away during the war.

Park Monument

  • This is commonly known as Aayi by the locals who was once upon a time a renowned courtesan.

  • The local stories suggest that Aayi destroyed her house in order to make a water tank instead. It is believed that the tank was the reason that the French engineers were able to get water from the town.

  • It also provides us with a beautiful view of the government park.

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