What are the best tourist places in Mysore?

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Mysore is truly a delight for any tourist and offers a series of sites of historical, natural or religious importance for the tourists. It is called the land of Tipu Sultan and one can truly feel History coming alive in Mysore.

List of places recommended to a tourist in Mysore are:

  • Mysore Maharaja Palace − Built in the Indo-Saracenic form of architecture, the Mysore Maharaja Palace brings in the combination of beauty at the macro as well as micro level. A visit to the palace gives a royal experience to the tourist at each step and in each corner. The royal durbars and the collection of various artifacts especially the paintings give the present a connection the Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV who lived many years ago in the same place.

  • Tipu’s summer palace − The key attractions of the summer palace are the various wall paintings that depict royal and secular themes related to the life of Tipu Sultan. There is a gallery in the palace depicting various sketches by Artist James Hunter.

  • Cellular Water Jail − The Cellular Jail in Srirangapatna is a must visit especially for the students of History. The Cellular Jail highlights the punishment given to British officers by Tipu Sultan and his delegates. It also gives an interesting perspective through its architecture adjoining the river.

  • Mysore Zoo − Mysore zoo gives a pleasant view of a variety of flora and fauna. It offers views of wild animals, birds of Indian as well as foreign origin. It gives a brilliant two-hour walk strolling amidst nature and getting a continuous glimpse of animals and birds on both sides.

  • Brindavan Garden − Brindavan Garden is never skipped in the itinerary list on a visit to Mysore due to its natural beauty. The garden houses a variety of flowers and also gives you a chance to have a boat ride from one point to another. Stretched across many acres of land, Brindavan Garden was once a major shooting point for films.

  • Chamundi Temple − Climbing almost 80 steps on the top of the hill about 13 km from Mysore is the Chamundi Temple dedicated to Goddess Chamundi who is a Ugra diety (the fierce form). The temple has an enchanting yellow color Gopuram with various carvings.

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