Twitter Marketing - The Followers

Because everything shared on Twitter remains in the public domain, technically everyone has a voice and can be found on Twitter. However, it’s by curating the right followers you actually get heard by the mass audience.

Like any friendship, a good relationship on Twitter is earned by participating in conversations, substantive information, and giving back to the community. Although it’s easy to get wrapped in the numbers of how many followers you have, this is really an opportunity where oftentimes quality can outrank quantity.

It’s important to realize that there can be many motives for participating in the Twitter community - to socialize, network, debate, learn, enrich, promote, and entertain. Most probably engage for many of these reasons.

Components of Twitter

Twitter consists of three components −

  • You

  • Your followers (those who follow you)

  • Your following (those whom you follow)

Why am I on Twitter?

An obvious question a twitter account holder often tackles is, why am I on Twitter? The best way to figure out how to search is by defining some keywords that define the type of Twitter user you’d like to engage with. These keywords should be those that you’d use in the content of a Tweet or that you would hope those that would read your Twitter content to be interested in.

With these keywords, it’s time to start searching for Tweeps (Twitter-friends) that are already chatting about these topics.


After typing in your keywords into the search bar, Tweets will pop in search results in chronological order.

Note, that under the More Options tab, you will have the opportunity to Save this Search for convenience.

From here you have the opportunity to review the content, and if relevant to learn more about the user that shared the Tweet. Like what you see? Click on Follow.


Depending on how specialized your marketing needs are and your industry niche, screening potential Twitter Tweeps may be a non-discriminatory process to collect a higher number of followers, or you may be quite selective to create a highly curated, active, and engaging audience.

Considerations to Follow Others on Twitter

The considerations when selecting those to follow (and things that others are looking at when they consider following you) are −

  • Does their bio indicate common interests?

  • What is the ratio of followers versus following? Those with tons of followers but are following few are less likely to follow you back.

  • How recent are their Tweets and are they Tweeting often?

  • Is there anything from a recent Tweet in their feed that you can comment to and engage with?

If you like the answers to the questions, start making friends… Click on Follow.

Twitter will allow you to follow up to 2,000 people with no limits. After you reach this milestone, however, you have to get a certain number of those to follow you back before your following limit is increased.