Twitter Marketing - Managing Conversions

Conversion tracking is vital for Twitter marketing. When you run a campaign that connects Twitter users to your website, conversion tracking helps you understand what actions users take after coming to your website from your Tweets.

Importance of Conversion Tracking

By conversion tracking you can −

  • See exactly how your spending contributes to specific goals, from making purchases to visiting specific product or landing pages of your website.

  • Know which ads are making the biggest impact exactly where it counts: when it’s time for users to make a purchase. You can optimize by creating similar ads in the future and allocate more of your budget to your highest-performing campaigns.

  • Understand how customers interact with your ads across devices. If someone sees your Website Card on mobile and makes a purchase on your website from their desktop, you’ll be able to connect the two actions to one customer’s journey.

Setting up Conversion Tracking

Here is how you can set up tracking conversions −

  • Log into Twitter Ads.

  • Select the Tools drop down.

  • Click on Conversion tracking.

  • Click on Create new website tag.

  • Enter a descriptive name for the website tag.

  • Select the conversion type you’re looking to track (site visit, purchase, download, etc.).

  • Check the Create a tailored audience box that records users who respond to your content as an “audience” along with other users who have a Twitter account and visit your page. That way, you can target them with future marketing campaigns.

  • Use Show conversion settings drop-down to alter the time frame a conversion can take place and be reflected in our data. The default is set to 30 days, which is recommended.

  • Click on Save tag and generate code snippet.

  • Place the website tag into the HTML code of a page you want to track. (If you are not confident, you can take the help of a web developer to do this). After someone has visited your tracked page for the first time, your tag will be verified on the Conversion tracking tab in Twitter Ads.

Whenever somebody lands on your site from a Twitter campaign, the website tag will fire and record the conversion data. You can access this data on the Campaigns page of your Twitter Ads dashboard by clicking on Conversions button in the middle of the page.

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Conversion Tracking Best Practices

Here are few best practices for tracking conversions −

  • Tag every page where a conversion could take place (including your mobile pages) to grab the data from every path a customer could take.

  • As you place tags, think of the specific audiences you need to remarket to in the future. Set a different tag for each audience (promotional page visitors, people on mobile, etc.) so that you’ll have clean, useful audience lists to target.

  • Your analytics page groups tag types. Hence all the data from Purchase tags will be grouped together on the Conversions view.

  • You can see specific tags by clicking on each conversion.