Twitter Marketing - Native Analytics

As a business or marketing person, you are aware that analytics provides insight to the customers and market. You can check Twitter analytics on your mobile phone and can receive monthly reports on your campaigns. Analytics tells you which mention drove your campaign engagements most and who are your top followers.

You can access analytics on Twitter if you become an advertiser. Let us know about Twitter Analytics more.

Accessing Twitter Analytics

You don’t need to create Twitter ad campaigns to access the data in Twitter’s native analytics tool. If you don’t already have an advertiser account, you can request advertiser status by visiting You’ll have to submit some information about your company including the payment information.

Twitter Dashboard

When your account is changed to advertiser status, log in to see the Twitter Analytics dashboard. The dashboard is very well segmented into sections. You have access to three distinct sections −

  • Tweeter Activities
  • Followers
  • Twitter Cards

The Tweets dashboard is the best place to find detailed information about how your outgoing messages are performing. At a glance you can see the month’s interaction and the best Tweets you sent out.

Tweet Activity

Under the graph is a section that highlights all of your recent Tweets and details the impressions, engagements, and engagement rate associated with each Tweet.


In the right sidebar you can see engagement over the last month. You can use this data to figure out which days showed the best performance and replicate the tactics used on those days.

If you want to compare this month’s data to past data, you can download a Click Export Data (CSV) file with details on Tweets for the past several months.

You can then use that data to determine whether interaction has changed, what content your leads interacted with most, and when they interacted with it.

Audience Dashboard

The Audience dashboard shows you the demographic breakdown of your audience, the topics of interest, and more. Use this information to fine tune your content on Twitter.