Twitter Marketing - Reputation Management

Good reputation has far more value than money. A substantial reduction in negative word of mouth can boost sales. Managing your reputation on Twitter is crucial, if you are using Twitter to market your product, business, or brand.

Using Google Alerts for Reputation Management

Google Alerts is a great tool to ensure you don’t let an online mention of your brand go unnoticed. You need to follow these simple steps −

  • Go to the Google Alerts website.

  • Enter your company name, brand, or other industry keywords in the Search Terms text box.

  • Save it as an Everything alert type.

You can thus receive daily notifications of all news articles, websites, blogs, videos, and groups that mention your keywords.

Using IFTTT for Reputation Management

Another resource is If This Then That (IFTTT), which automates simple online tasks by using one of the most basic principles: If this happens, then do that.

IFTTT lets you set up rules (called recipes) for everything from getting the latest weather updates as a text message to automatically sending Instagram photos to Twitter (or any other platform). You can create a recipe by choosing a trigger channel (the “if this happens” part) and an action channel (the “then do that” part).

To monitor what people are saying about your company, set up a recipe that scans RSS feeds of important industry websites, then sends you a daily email alert with the results—IF [website] mentions your company, THEN receive an email alert.

Social Mention returns results based on the sentiment of social media buzz around your company. You can monitor multiple websites in one place and even find out which keywords people use when talking about your company.

To set up Social Mention monitoring, type your search term(s) in the text box and choose a channel such as blog, microblog, bookmark, image, video, or question. You can sort results by date, source, and time.

Thumb Rules for Brand Discussion on Twitter

When you brand is the topic of the town on a social platform like Twitter, here are some key points for reply −

  • Stich in Time − The social media works in real-time. If you find any problems, you can fix them instantly through a quick reply. You cannot wait for the problems or unhealthy debates about your brand and business to fade away on their own.

  • Be Gentle − Avoid losing temper or making threats while replying. By listening to others, you win respect and support from others thereby creating more business opportunities.

  • Be Proactive − When discussions related to your business industry open, get involved cordially and early with your perspective.

  • Be Polite − You need to use an appropriate tone e language while discussing a matter on social media. The issue gets resolved in some time but your impression as a business icon remains on minds for long time.