SAP Web Dynpro - Navigation

In Web Dynpro application, you can navigate from one view to the other view using plugs.

Run T-code − SE 80 and create a simple Web Dynpro component −

Web Component

We have created a Web Dynpro component with two nodes and two views.

VIEW_DISPLAY displays the output in a tabular format and VIEW_MAIN performs search parameters. In VIEW_MAIN you have configured the search layout and VIEW_DISPLAY contains the display layout.

View Main

In VIEW_MAIN you have configured inbound plugs IN_MAIN and OUT_FROM_MAIN as outbound plugs. Similarly, create an inbound and outbound plugs for VIEW_DISPLAY.

Inbound Plugs

How to Create a New View?

Step 1 − Click the component in object tree and go to the context menu as shown in the following screenshot −

Object Navigator Step 1

Step 2 − Enter view name and click on tick mark.

Enter View