SAP Web Dynpro - Mapping & Data Binding

In Dynpro application, you can define mapping between two global controller contexts or from the view context to the global controller context.

Data binding of a UI element property is set up in the view layout. For this purpose, you use the Binding column in the properties table of the embedded UI elements. You click the button to open a dialog box, which provides the context structure of the corresponding view for an element selection.

Component Controller

Context element can be defined to link a node to another node of context.

Context Element

In the above diagram, you can see mapping between Node 1 from the context of View 1 and the node of the same name in the context of the component controller. It also shows the mapping from Node 2 from the context of View 2, also to a node with the same name in the component controller context.

The context of the component controller is available to both the view controllers with readwrite access to all the attributes.

Context Property

Binding User Interface Elements

To display the context data in the browser, you can also bind UI elements properties in a view to the attributes of the view context. You can bind multiple properties to one context element.

In a view context, all data types are available to bind with different attributes of a view.

View Context

Data Binding Input

Internal Mapping

Internal mapping is defined as the mapping between contexts of a single component.

External Mapping

External mapping is defined as the mapping between multiple components using the interface controller.