SAP Web Dynpro - Component Interfaces

When you create a Web Dynpro component, the creation procedure creates a component interface. Each component interface contains exactly one interface controller and one interface view. The interface view has no direct connection with the interface controller and are created automatically.

Using the component interface, you can define the interface structure and you can use in different application components.

The interface controller of a component interface definition and the interface controller of a component are different.

You can add multiple number of interface views to a component interface definition.

Creating a Web Dynpro Component Interface Definition

Consider the same screenshot as in the previous chapter.

Web Dynpro Definition

Step 1 − Enter the name of the new component and click display.

Name Of New Component

Step 2 − In the next window, enter the following details −

  • You can enter a description of this component.
  • In type, select a Web Dynpro component.
  • You can also maintain the name of default window.
Create Interface

Step 3 − Assign this component to Package $TMP and click the Save button.

Package TMP

When you click on save, you can see this new component under the object tree and it contains −

  • Component Controller
  • Component Interface
  • View
  • Windows