SAP Web Dynpro - Monitoring an Application

You can monitor Web Dynpro application using ABAP monitor. Information is stored about Web Dynpro application. You can view this information using T-code − RZ20.

You can check the following information in Web Dynpro ABAP monitor −

  • Session Count
  • Application Count
  • CPU time
  • Data

To view the report, use T-code − RZ20

Step 1 − Go to SAP CCMS Monitor template.

Step 2 − Click the sub node Entire System.

Step 3 − Enter the system ID of the current SAP system where the application you want to monitor is installed.

Monitor Sets

Step 4 − Select Application Server.

Step 5 − Select the name of the relevant application server. For instance, select Web Dynpro ABAP as shown in the following screenshot −

Monitor Templates

The result will be displayed with the following information when a Web Dynpro application will be called −

  • Data
  • Application Count
  • Session Count
  • Round trips
  • CPU Time
Result Information