SAP Web Dynpro - Integrate WDA in Portal

Following are the steps to integrate Web Dynpro ABAP (WDA) in the portal.

Step 1 − Go to ABAP workbench using T-code − SE80 and create Web Dynpro component.

Display Component

Step 2 − Save the component and activate it.

Step 3 − Define data binding and context mapping. Create a Web Dynpro application and save it.

Step 4 − Login to SAP NetWeaver portal.

Login To Portal

Step 5 − Go to Portal Content → Content Administration tab.

Step 6 − Right-click on the portal content and create a new folder.

Portal Content

Step 7 − Enter the folder name and click Finish.

Step 8 − Right-click on the created folder and create a new iView.

New Iview

Step 9 − Select iView template. Create an iView from an existing iView template and click Next.

iView Template

Step 10 − Select SAP Web Dynpro iView as template and click Next.

iView Template Next

Step 11 − Enter iView name, iView ID, iView prefix ID and click Next. Enter definition type as ABAP and click Next.

Step 12 − Enter Web Dynpro details and ECC system is created.

ECC System

Step 13 − Enter application parameter in the same screen and click Next. You will be prompted to see the summary screen. Click Finish.

Application Parameter