SAP Fiori Mock Test

This section presents you various set of Mock Tests related to SAP Fiori Framework. You can download these sample mock tests at your local machine and solve offline at your convenience. Every mock test is supplied with a mock test key to let you verify the final score and grade yourself.

Questions and Answers

SAP Fiori Mock Test I

Answer : D


In configuring ABAP back-end server we define Role, users and authorizations. Assigning OData service roles and RFC authorization is defined in ABAP back-end server.

Q 2 - When you configure SAP Fiori Apps, you install KPI framework for which of the following App types?

A - Analytical Apps

B - Smart Business

C - Transactional Apps

D - Factsheets

Answer : B


Analytical apps and the SAP Smart Business apps share the setup of HANA XS engine and KPI Framework only (in Smart Business Apps).

Q 3 - To communicate between SAP Fiori Backend and Frontend server, which of the following connection type is configured?


B - RFC connection Type 3

C - RFC connection Type 2


Answer : B


To define a trust relationship between SAP system and SAP NetWeaver gateway host by configuring SAP system to be trusting system and NetWeaver gateway host to be the trusted system. It enables remote logon for users who use the same user data in both SAP NetWeaver Gateway host and SAP system.

Q 4 - While configuring SAP NetWeaver Gateway, to activate OData service which of the following service is used by Fiori Launchpad?





Answer : C


/UI2/TRANSPORT -– This is used by Launchpad designer.

Q 5 - In SAP Fiori, which of the following technology provides a viable option for creating a secure SSO infrastructure if you're considering extending single sign-on to extranet or cross-company scenarios?

A - SAP Single Sign on

B - X.509 certificates

C - Kerberos

D - Window AD authentication

Answer : B


X.509 certificates

Q 6 - Is it possible to connect SAP Fiori apps to non-SAP back end system?

A - True

B - False

C - SAP Fiori doesn’t support non SAP back end system

Answer : A

Q 7 - While configuring factsheets, to make connection objects available in in search which of the following has to start?

A - Users and Authorization

B - Indexing

C - PFCG roles

D - UI services

Answer : B


To make the objects in the connectors available in the search, you have to start or schedule indexing for the new connectors. In admin cockpit choose the connectors you want to schedule indexing for and then choose activate. Below Object type, select one or more search and analysis models. Select start immediately to trigger indexing immediately or schedule for a later time. Select OK.

Q 8 - While you configuring SAP Fiori Launchpad, it comes under configuration of which of the following Fiori component?

A - SAP Fiori Back End server

B - SAP Web Dispatcher

C - SAP Front End server

D - User authentication and roles

Answer : C

Q 9 - You can implement enhanced security in SAP Back end server while configuring Central Hub deployment of NetWeaver gateway. Which of the following allow you to implement this?

A - As Gateway is configured multiple times

B - Business suite and NW gateway are deployed on same server

C - Business logic and Backend data from UI layer

D - It is recommended for test environment

Answer : C


UI layer and SAP NetWeaver gateway is contained in ABAP Front-end server. The ABAP back end server contains business logic and back end data. Separating business logic and back end data from UI layer has below advantages −

Single Point of maintenance for UI issues- such as browser support and updated version of SAP UI5 libraries.

Central place for theming and branding SAP Fiori Apps. Routing and composition of multiple backend systems is supported.

Single Point of access to backend systems and enhanced security because of no direct access to backend system. SAP recommends Central Hub deployment especially for Productive environment. Separate NetWeaver Gateway system is required.

Q 11 - While configuring SAP Fiori architecture, Transaction apps, Factsheets and Analytical apps are configured on which of the following systems?

A - Hana XS engine, Search models, Any DB

B - Hana XS engine, Search models, Reverse Proxy

C - Any DB, Search models, Hana XS engine

D - Any DB, HANA XS engine, Search models

Answer : C


Transaction Apps are only apps that don’t have to run on Hana system. They can run on any Database. All factsheets, Analytical apps and Small Business Apps run on SAP Hana. Only Fact sheet requires Search Models. Only Analytical Apps requires Hana XS Engine and KPI Framework is needed for Smarts Business Apps.

Q 12 - In SAP Fiori Analytical apps, which of the below is integrated with SAP HANA XS engine?

A - SAP HANA database

B - Web server in SAP HANA

C - Application server

D - All of the above

Answer : A

Answer Sheet

Question Number Answer Key
1 D
2 B
3 B
4 C
5 B
6 A
7 B
8 C
9 C
10 C
11 C
12 A