SAP Fiori - Fact Sheets

The important features of a Fact sheet are given below.

  • Fact sheets are used to drill the key information and contextual information in business operations. In SAP Fiori tiles, you can drill down to further details.

  • It also allows you to navigate one-fact sheet to all its related fact sheets.

  • Fact sheets also allow you to navigate to Transactional apps to run SAP transactions. A few Fact sheets also provide an integration option of geographical maps.

  • You can call Fact sheets from Fiori Launchpad search results, from other fact sheets or from Transactional or Analytical apps.

  • Fact sheets only run on SAP HANA database and also require an ABAP stack and they cannot be ported to SAP HANA Live tier-2 architecture.

Example − There is a fact sheet app with the center objects having details about vendor contract. You can drill down to further details like vendor details, contract terms, item details, etc. Configuration of Enterprise Search

Activate UI Services

T-Code: SICF and activate the seven services given below.

Under the path /default_host/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap

  • ESH_eng_Modeling
  • Esh_eng_wizard
  • Esh_search_results_ui
  • Wdhc_help_center
  • Under the path /default_host/sap/es/
  • Cockpit
  • Saplink
  • Search

Connect Embedded Search and SAP HANA

Use the T-Code: SE38

In the program field, Enter ESH_ADM_SET_TREX_DESTINATION

ABAP Editor

The next step is to search RFC connection created earlier and assign the role − SAP_ESH_LOCAL_ADMIN

Create Connector

After setting up the above role, next is to run T-Code: ESH_COCKPIT and click Create.

Select the model you want to use with embedded search and click the create connector button.

Create Connector

Indexing of Connector

In Admin Cockpit, select the connector you want to index and click on activate. Select the search and analysis model and click on start so that the indexing starts immediately. Click OK.

Indexing Connector

Activate Search and Fact Sheets in SAP Business Suite

SAP Fiori Search and Factsheets - HANA Search for SAP Business suite BSESH_HANA_SEARCH.

Enable Factsheets: HANA navigation for SAP Business suite BSCBN_HANA_NAV.