SAP Fiori Mock Test

This section presents you various set of Mock Tests related to SAP Fiori Framework. You can download these sample mock tests at your local machine and solve offline at your convenience. Every mock test is supplied with a mock test key to let you verify the final score and grade yourself.

Questions and Answers

SAP Fiori Mock Test IV

Q 1 - Which of the following development tool can be used to modify and import SAP Fiori App Source Code in UI extensibility?

A - NetBeans

B - MS Visual Studio

C - Xcode

D - Eclipse

E - Android Studio

Answer : D


In order to modify a SAP Fiori scenario, it is recommended to do so with an Eclipse installation which has the SAPUI5 Application Development feature installed. This simplifies the development process because you can rely on useful tools such as code completion and app preview.

Answer : B

Q 3 - In UI controller Extensibility, which of the following function is event handler and must be of void or int type, with no parameters?

A - OnInit

B - myNewFunction

C - OnSlide

D - OnPanelClick

Answer : A


The OnInit() function is the Init event handler. It must be of void or int type, with no parameters −

void OnInit();

The Init event is generated immediately after an Expert Advisor or an indicator is downloaded; this event is not generated for scripts. The OnInit() function is used for initialization.

Q 4 - Which of the following file contains project metadata, resource and navigation routine path, and is extended for UI extensibility?

A - Configuration.js

B - Main.Controllers.js

C - Main.view.js

D - Component.js

Answer : D

Q 5 - Which of the following is based on search models?

A - Transaction Apps

B - Fact Sheets

C - Analytical Apps

D - All of the above

E - B and C

Answer : B


Q 6 - To connect search providers to embedded search to make objects of a specific type that are stored on them available for searching, which of the following can be used?

A - Control Bar

B - Administration Cockpit

C - Search and Analytics Modeler

D - Search Object Connectors

Answer : D


Search Object Connectors −

They are used to connect search providers to embedded search to make objects of a specific type that are stored on them available for searching. You can create search object connectors in the modeler using predefined models.

Q 7 - Which of the following is the entry point for the administration of Embedded Search?

A - Template Modeler

B - Administration Cockpit

C - Control Bar

D - All of the above

Answer : B

Q 8 - While configuring Analytical apps, which of the following tools can be used to deploy HANA specific software components?

A - Software Update Manager SUM


C - SAP Market Place

D - SAP Life Cycle Manager

Answer : D

Q 9 - How many SMART business apps are defined in Fiori Analytical apps?

A - 69

B - 59

C - 84

D - 74

Answer : A

Q 10 - Which of the following authentication method in Fiori security allow users to access multiple SAP applications and services through SAPgui and web browsers without further username and password inputs from the user?

A - Session tickets

B - Logon Tickets

C - X.509 certificates


Answer : B

Q 11 - To configure SAP Web Dispatcher to use HTTPs request by defining routing rules in both ABAP front end server and the HANA system. Which of the following routing rules need to be defined in SAP NWG system?

A - Content/sap/hana

B - Content/sap/hba

C - Default_host/sap/public, Default_host/sap/bc & Default_host/sap/opu

D - A & B

E - None of the above

Answer : C


Three routing rules need to be defined in SAP NWG system −




Two routing rules need to be defined in the HANA studio −



Q 12 - In SAP Hana Server side encryption, which of the below encryption type is used for storing internal column data securely?

A - Data Volume Encryption

B - Internal Data Encryption Service

C - Secure store in the file system SSFS

D - B and C

E - None of the above

Answer : B

Q 13 - Which of the following authentication type is used by SAP Fiori Front end server for user authentication while launching a Fiori App?

A - Trusted RFC R/3


C - OData Service


Answer : B


When a user launches an SAP Fiori app, the launch request is sent from the client to the ABAP front-end server by the SAP Fiori Launchpad. During launch, the ABAP front-end server authenticates the user by using one of the supported authentication and single sign-on (SSO) mechanisms.

Answer Sheet

Question Number Answer Key
1 D
2 B
3 A
4 D
5 B
6 D
7 B
8 D
9 A
10 B
11 C
12 B
13 B