SAP Fiori - Analytical Apps

Analytical apps are used to provide role-based real time information about the business operations. Analytical apps integrate the power of SAP HANA with SAP business suite. It provides real time information from large volume of data in front-end web browser.

Using Analytical apps, you can closely monitor Key Performance indicators KPIs. You can perform complex aggregations and calculations of your business operations and react immediately as per the changes in the market condition.

SAP Fiori Analytical apps run on SAP HANA database and use Virtual data models.

There are two types of Analytical Apps −

  • SMART Business
  • Virtual Data Models

SMART Business

SAP Fiori smart business apps are used to monitor your most important KPI’s in the real time and to make changes as per market conditions immediately.

Note − There are around 84 Analytical apps under this umbrella and out of these, you have 69 apps are smart business apps and rest 15 are Analytical Apps.

Architecture of Analytical and SMART Business Apps

Analytical and Smart Business Apps

Analytical apps can run only on SAP HANA database, unlike transactional apps that can run on any database. SAP Fiori leverages XS engine by using virtual data models and within XS engine, there are 2 components −

  • HANA Live Apps content for respective business suite
  • SMART business content

SAP HANA Live provides exceptional capability analytics for all business suite by enabling industry standard access to SAP data through data models.

The data models are used for analytical purpose using views in HANA database. The views form a virtual data model that a customer and partner can reuse.

Virtual Data Models

Virtual Data Models provide a way to process massive quality of data in HANA database. A UI rich client can consume these views without the use of any additional software. There are three types of view −

  • Private View − Private views are SAP views and you cannot modify these views.

  • Reuse View − Reuse views are heart of SAP HANA model and they expose the data in structural way and they are designed to be reused by other views.

  • Query View − Query views are top views in hierarchy and designed for direct consumption by Analytical apps and cannot be altered.

KPI Modeler

It is a tool used to model KPI and report tiles for monitoring the business data using Fiori Launchpad.

You can define KPIs and reports to which you can apply different calculations and it enables you to make adjustment according to changing market conditions.

You can configure drill-down views.