SAP Fiori - Workflow

Work flow ensures that right work is brought in the right sequence at the right time to the right people. There are various SAP applications like ERP, SCM, HCM, etc. Therefore, when a document is created, changed or deleted, the application creates an event.

SAP Business workflow is used to capture these events and handle work items as per templates. Workflow engines delivers the work items to responsible person’s inbox.

SAP Business Workflow T-Codes

Some important Business Workflow T-Codes are given below.


How to add custom Workflow scenarios?

To add custom workflow scenarios in Fiori, follow the steps given below in front-end and back-end system.

Step 1 − Get Workflow definitions.

Step 2 − Define the scenarios for workflow.

Step 3 − Add a tile to Fiori Launchpad.

Step 4 − Decision options definition.

Step 5 − BADI implementation for decision update.

Step 6 − Display Application data.

Custom Workflow

How to configure Work Flow in Fiori?

Step 1 − Login to back-end System.



Step 2 − Enter Monitoring period and work item type and click Execute.


Step 3 − It will show all existing templates in the system.

Existing Templates

Step 4 − Now use Run T-code: /nswu3

Run T-Code

Step 5 − Expand Maintain run time environment to check if all the nodes are green.

Maintain Run Time Environment

Step 6 − Click the start verification workflow option at the top.

Workflow Verification

Verification Window

Step 7 − Click the SAP Business Workflow button.

Business Workflow

Step 8 − Click the Execute button. A new window will open.

Click Execute

Step 9 − Select Execute background step from the new window. Select document folder to get complete email notification of workflow.