SAP Fiori - Data Flow

SAP Fiori Data Flow covers the data flow process in Fiori system landscape when a request is made via Launchpad by a user. This includes run time data flow in front-end server and back-end server.

Front-end server − Web server and OData Proxy.

Back End server − OData provider.

Data Flow
  • SAP Fiori uses HTTP/HTTPS protocol. It is a request-response runtime architecture.

  • UI Objects and Launchpad data are stored in front-end server. When Launchpad is called, the app reads Launchpad definition via OData service call.

  • /UI2/PAGE_BUILDER_PERS is one of the OData service for Launchpad.

Front-end Server in Fiori Data Flow

  • SAP Fiori Front-end server acts as Web server (HTTPS).

  • It contains all registered OData services and acts as an end point for OData service.

  • It also contains UI and Launchpad objects.

  • All Front-end users are defined in Front-end server and they are assigned with correct roles.

  • To communicate with Back End system, it uses an alias for back end system and interacts with back end server using trusted RFC connection.

  • Fiori app calls OData service to get some data. Gateway system in front-end server knows the system alias for services and helps in getting data from back end system.

Back-end server in Fiori Data flow

  • Back End server contains SAP Business suite 7 for key applications like ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM, etc.

  • It contains application data and used for customization of applications.

  • This system contains 2 OData classes −

  • Model Provider

  • Data Provider

  • To access Back end system, application users created on Front-end server should have an authorization S_RFCACL. This authorization should be assigned to the users in Business suite.

Data Flow of Front-end and Back-end

The connection between front-end server to back-end server must be trusted RFC connection. It means same ID is authenticated to back-end system without entering the password. As mentioned earlier, the user Id should have S_RFCACL authorization for trusted logon.

A User should have UI roles assigned in Front-end server and back-end roles in back-end server.

How to Check Data Flow in SAP Fiori?

Go to Launchpad, right click on grey area → Inspect Element.

Inspect Element

If you click the Network tab, you will not see anything. Now refresh the Launchpad browser link and see the call to different services.

Network Tab

OData service URL link, open in new tab.


You can search for My App in OData service details −

My App