HANA Views for BW InfoProviders

When you use SAP BW on HANA system, you can use the following HANA optimized objects: DataStore Objects, InfoObjects, queries as InfoProviders and CompositeProviders in BW workspace and queries.

When you create Information views in SAP HANA, data from BW data is published. These SAP HANA views point directly to data and tables that are managed by the BW.

The data from SAP BW can be directly consumed in HANA Modeling views. You can generate SAP HANA views for queries as InfoProviders in HANA database.

Create SAP HANA Views for Queries as InfoProvider

The first step is to create SAP HANA index. You can do this by using Transaction: RSDDB or by using Transaction RSA1 to open BW Workbench.

You can call up index maintenance for the object using the following options −

Method 1 − First method is to call the SAP BW Workbench using Transaction RSA1.

Select InfoProvider in the navigation. Right-click and select Maintain BW Accelerator Index. This opens SAP HANA/BWA index administration screen.

Call SAP BW Workbench

Method 2 − Other ways to directly call SAP HANA/BWA index maintenance screen by using Transaction RSDDB.


This opens the SAP HANA/BWA index maintenance screen. Select the BW object type - VirtualProvider or Query as InfoProvider using the push button option.

Select BW Object

Select the query that you want to generate SAP HANA view for → Create.

In the lower part of the screen, the system displays a list of all objects that already have a SAP HANA index.

Displays List

You can’t index a query result, if the query meets any of the following conditions −

  • When a query contains a temporal join as a result, it can’t be stored in flat index because of hierarchy.

  • When local aggregations are used.

  • When the name of the query is more than 20 letters.

  • When the query is an input-ready query.

Select External SAP HANA Repository View. When you activate the index, SAP HANA view corresponding to the structure of the object is generated on the SAP HANA database.

Select External SAP HANA Repository View