SAP BW on HANA - Process Chain

When you migrate from SAP BW to HANA database, there are various process types that are obsolete. If you use SAP HANA database, the following process types in the process chain are not required −

  • Filling of New Aggregates
  • BWA Indexes
  • Adjust Time Dependent Aggregates
  • Build Index
  • Delete Index

You don’t need to modify the process chains to remove these process types. The process chain continues to run without errors. When you check the log of Process Chain, you will see these steps are not executed.

Different Transactions are available to monitor the Process Chain runs.

Monitor Periodic Process Chains

Use Transaction: RSPCM

You can monitor the status of current runs for selected process chains. You can also navigate to the detailed view of the process chain runs from this transaction.

Monitor Periodic Process Chains

View the Log for Runs of a Process Chain

Use Transaction: RSPC. It will display one or more runs for a process chain.

Process Chain

Perform Process Chain Maintenance for a Process Chain Run

Use Transaction: RSPC1. This transaction is used to view the log for this run by mentioning the log id of the concrete process chain.

Perform Process Chain Maintenance
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