SAP BW on HANA - Migration

When you plan migration of BW system to HANA, you need to perform various checks that help in successful migration. You can refer to different SAP notes that are available on SAP support Launchpad.

Before migration, you need to perform a feasibility check to understand the load process and to see performance improvements. As SAP HANA requires Unicode, you need to perform Unicode conversion if you have a non-Unicode system or you can also plan Unicode conversion as part of the migration.

To perform database migration, you have to perform a hardware check. To migrate BW system to HANA, you have to perform hardware sizing and that can be performed using report /SDF/HANA_BW_SIZING.

To access the complete checklist tool, you can refer SAP Note: 1729988 on Search a Knowledge base article.

SAP Note

This tool automates the check of best practice guidelines for operations and pre-requisites for migration of an existing SAP BW deployment to the SAP HANA platform.

SAP HANA Platform

You can also check the other K-base SAP Notes i.e., refers to, referred by this SAP Note as shown in the following screenshot.

Refer SAP Note

Issues During Migration

While performing SAP HANA migration, you can encounter different types of errors. Following are some SAP Notes that you can refer during the migration process −

  • SAP Note 1846872 − "No space left on device" error reported from HANA

  • SAP Note 1787489 − SAP HANA Database: Performance Trace

  • SAP Note 1786918 − Required information to investigate high memory consumption

  • SAP Note 1747042 − Providing support access to HANA database instance

  • SAP Note 1740136 − SAP HANA: wrong mount option may lead to corrupt persistency

  • SAP Note 1897157 − Install or upgrade failed due to hdbnsutil failure

  • SAP Note 1894412 − SAP HANA nameserver crash after revision upgrade

  • SAP Note 1634848 − SAP HANA database service connections

  • SAP Note 1592925 − SAP HANA Studio service connection