SAP BW on HANA - Benefits

Using BW powered by SAP HANA, you can find the following benefits −

  • Excellent performance in analytical reporting and data loading using HANA in memory database capabilities. All BW functions performed in SAP HANA benefits from in-memory database and calculation engines for faster data processing.

  • With HANA optimized objects, you can perform complex queries, detailed analysis, high data volume, and aggregations efficiently.

  • All existing BI tools such as BEx, Business Objects BI reporting tools, and Microsoft Excel are directly supported by SAP BW on HANA.

  • SAP HANA provides high level of data compression. Column storage of tables requires less storage type and hence provides lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  • Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) is not required while using HANA underneath BW.

  • You don’t need aggregated tables and HANA supports on-the-fly aggregations.

  • It has simplified data modeling by using in-memory-optimized objects. There is no need to load BWA index.

  • When you use SAP BW on HANA, the following processes are not required −

    • Rolling Up Filled Aggregates

    • Filling of New aggregates

    • Adjust Time-Dependent Aggregates

    • Construct Database Statistics

    • Build Index

    • Delete Index